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To use a powerup, press C.

Image Name Description
Powerup2 Kamikaze When using this powerup, your spacebar freezes and you automatically place a bomb wherever you move. Although you may try and outrun the bomb, your goal is to kill as many other players as possible.
Powerup4 Vampire Your speed increases for the duration of the round.
Powerup5 Mud Drop a puddle of mud on the ground. When another player steps in it, their speed is reduced and yours is increased in turn.
Powerup6 Zombie When this powerup is used, you lose 20% of your speed. However when you die, the player that kills you becomes a zombie. While a Zombie, your skin changes into the (Zombie) Zombie skin.
Powerup7 Banana Drop a banana peel on the ground. When another player steps on it, their speed is reduced.
Powerup8 Shield This powerup gives you immunity from one bomb, after which the shield disappears.
Powerup9 Speed Your speed increases by 20%.
Powerup10 Demining When used near a bomb or a bomb chain, it detonates the closest 5 bombs by changing their scope to 0.
Powerup12 Hazelnut+ Spawns 1-9 hazelnuts near you when used.
Powerup13 Blockade This powerup spawns blocks in all 8 squares surrounding your current position.
Powerup14 Bonus Pickups Spawns 1-9 pickups near you when used.
Powerup15 Shove
Powerup16 Freeze This powerup allows you to freeze the bomb close to you for a period of 5 seconds.