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Each round lasts maximum two minutes, and each game is composed of 10 rounds. Every player has a score which is reset to zero at the beginning of a new game or upon joining a different room. The score changes as follows:

  • +1 for each player killed.
  • +10 for each round won.
  • -2 for each suicide.

Each won round and game is added to the player's statistics, which can be displayed on their profile. Also the number of kills and deaths is saved and the cumulative ratio of the two numbers will also be displayed in the profile.

If a player kills several opponents during the same round, a speed penalty will be applied. The penalty can grow up to 60%, and will decrease by 1% each time that the player is killed or commits suicide (but doesn't decrease by being destroyed by the expanding wall after one minute). The speed penalty has been introduced as a way to prevent expert players from taking advantage of less skilled or new users.