The goal of the game is to stay alive the longest during the match by placing bombs to kill the opponents. Upon explosion, a bomb will fire a cross-shaped pattern and destroy players, obstacles and power-ups on its path. While at the beginning of the round each player has equally powerful bombs, by walking on power-up tiles which frequently appear after destroying blocks they can be upgraded to yield larger explosion range, a higher number of bomb placements and certain side effects which affect the bomb's behavior. With an adequate number of upgrades, players can place long bomb chains and patterns to confuse, outplay, trap and reach out to enemies.

Every round has a base duration of two minutes but will end if there is only one or no players alive. After one minute, the walls on the sides of the map will begin to expand inwards and the players standing in the changing area are killed. As the map becomes thinner, the common strategy is to try to push the opponent towards the edge and let them be destroyed by the advancing wall - As well as attempting to remain on the spot where the walls appear last.