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For information on the "modern" Bouboum, see Bouboum.

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Before Bouboum became it's own game with it's own website (, it was available to play (and still is!) at


The biggest difference (for many) is that it's completely in french. However, there are other differences such as:

  • The only skin available is that of a cat (with Orange Cat-Extinction orange / white skins available, with the orange skin representing the person with the highest "score", which is reset after every game).


There are 3 different pickups available, which you must utilize to help kill all other players on the board.

  • Pickup-Bomb-Extinction - Increases the maximum number of bombs you can place.
  • Pickup-Fire-Extinction - Increase the range of the bomb's explosion.
  • Pickup-Skull-Extinction - Changes the current "bonus" the bombs have.


There a many bonuses, which run out after a certain amount of time:

  • Aucun - default (doesn't run out over time)
  • Super bombe (red bomb) - Shoots through multiple blocks, up to you max firing distance.
  • Ultra bombe (blue bomb) -
  • Vitesse -
  • Mauvais contact (shiny) - random explosion timer.
  • Invulnérablé - you are invulnerable to damage (you start with this at the beginning of a round)


Keyboard and Mouse Controls
Key Action Notes
Move Up
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right
Space Spawn Bomb
Chat commands
Command Effect
/salon ???